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Lake Gaston

Real Estate Agent On Lake Gaston - Wayne Paynter

As an accomplished real estate agent on Lake Gaston, and in alignment with the RE/MAX moto, "Outstanding Agents, Outstanding Results", I take on the approach of good old fashioned customer service by communicating with my client face-to-face, by phone, and by e-mail as follow-up. Earning my client's trust and respect is my number one priority. Buying or selling a home on Lake Gaston requires assistance from an agent that is knowledgeable about the area and market savvy to meet all their client's real estate needs. I am proud to the share kind words below from a few of my clients that think I am that agent. See more client testimonials by visiting my Zillow Page.

~ Wayne Paynter, real estate agent on Lake Gaston

Kind Words from my Real Estate Clients...

"Wayne has represented me on 2 properties recently, and I will be using him again for a third. Wayne has to be the hardest working agent out there... always available, always working."

~ Sold a home in 2014

"Wayne was very helpful, kept us up to date and made the entire process easier to deal with. He showed us several properties to show us comparisons. Would work with him any time."

~ Bought a Single Family home in 2013 in Bracey, VA

"We first met Wayne "in the field" after looking at lake property without an agent for about 3 years. He introduced himself and gave us his card, then started feeding us information on properties that met our criteria. I liked his approach...friendly, no pressure, helpful and above all, we trusted him to have our best interests in mind. After sharing some family issues with him, he counseled us and helped us arrive at a decision. His previous experience as a banker allowed him to give us sound advice and helped the loan process go very smoothly. He is also a life-long resident of the area and knows everything and everybody, it seems! We purchased our "dream home" on the lake at a great price through Wayne and couldn't be happier. We still consider him a friend and he still provides us assistance and advice "after the sale". We can't recommend him more highly."

~ Bought a home in 2012

"I want everyone to know about my experience with my realtor, Wayne Paynter. We decided to list our home on Lake Gaston this past spring. We realized being in a slow market & a 2nd home market, that it would take a while. Well, to our disbelief, Wayne brought us an offer in 13 days ! From the beginning of working with Wayne to the end, Wayne was always there for us. He went to bat for us in every way. He not only sold our house, but found us another house to buy. He listened to our needs and showed us one house & we bought that one. He showed us exactly what we had told him we wanted and exactly where we wanted to live. Wayne is the most ethical person I have ever known. I worked in the real estate business many years ago, so I had come in contact with all kinds of people calling themselves realtors. My husband & I are so thankful we had the opportunity to work with Wayne Paynter."

~ Kay Drake - August 7, 2013

"We met Mr. Wayne Paynter while casually looking to purchase a home on Lake Gaston, NC. At the time, we did not have an agent but the house we were interested in happened to be a listing belonging to Mr. Paynter. While we were interested in the property, we were concerned about the possibility of a conflict of interest if we hired Mr. Paynter to be our agent for a house which he was already representing the buyer. Despite our hesitation, we decided to go with Mr. Paynter and immediately realized that we could not have been more wrong about his commitment to represent our best interest in the transaction."

"Since the first day we met Mr. Paynter, he was the consummate professional. He was well-informed about all aspects of real estate, the property we were purchasing and provided us with all pertinent information related to inspections, financing, law firms, etc."

"One of the most impressive professional attributes of Mr. Paynter is his reliable and prompt response time to any and all questions we had. Whether we tried to contact him via phone, text or email, we never waited more than a few hours, at the longest, to hear back from him with a response to our questions or concerns. This resulted in us being able to move the process along faster and smoother than expected!"

"Mr. Paynter is thorough, dependable and conscientious and goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure customer satisfaction. He takes his time to really listen to his customers' needs and preferences and in turn provides the best possible service to his clients. Thanks to Mr. Paynter, we could not have asked for a better experience with purchasing our home."

"We highly recommend Mr. Paynter to anyone looking for a realtor and undoubtedly plan to use him as our realtor for all our future real estate transactions!"


~ Glenda and AJ Baca - August, 2013

"Wayne is an exceptional agent. I think he cares and I think he is very realistic about what he says and does. He knows the market very well. Another unique thing Wayne has to offer is that he came from the lending side of things as a banker. He truly understands the ins and outs and complexities of making a deal come together that both the buyer and seller can feel like they did well on and accomplished their goal."

"When I bought my waterfront lot a couple of years ago Wayne had to put together a fairly complex deal to make it all happen. For various reasons both me as the buyer and the seller had some unique situations that required a lot of things to come together and Wayne managed to make it all happen so that both of us came out with the end result we needed and wanted. Without his experience and connections it probably wouldn't have happened. When I listed a property for sale Wayne had an offer within about a week or ten days from a qualified purchaser with an all cash deal."

"Unrelated to Wayne and my real estate relationship, he overheard a conversation between two people in a restaurant one day. Long story short there was a qualified mechanic in need of a good paying job offering benefits, competitive pay, etc. and the guy was telling his friend that he couldn't find that job down here in Bracey, VA. Wayne interjected and told the guy that he should come and talk with me. That guy is now a lead mechanic in my shop. I needed the job filled and Wayne sent me a very qualified candidate who is now a very integral part of our team here. There are many other people whom Wayne has referred to me who have become clients of mine too now at my Club Car golf car dealership."

"It's hard to put into writing all of these things and experiences that make me know Wayne will be my realtor on any real estate transaction occurring in our area."

~ Nick DiMarino, Under the Sun Golf Lake Gaston

""I highly recommend Wayne. A few years back, a friend of mine had a house listed with another agent, for over a year. The agent had only shown the house 3 times, and wasn't getting any offers. I had heard that Wayne was a good agent, so I suggested my friend switch to Wayne. Immediately, Wayne began showing the house several times a week, and sold it within a few months."

"When it came time to list my first house, I reached out to Wayne. It was listed for about 6 months (mostly during the winter) and was showed a couple times each month. When the spring/summer came, Wayne started getting many more showings. About a month ago, I got 2 offers in the same weekend and accepted one of them. I am scheduled to close on that house next week."

"Two weeks ago, I listed another house of mine with Wayne (a rental that is still rented). It was only listed for a few days before I accepted an offer on it."

"I will be listing my final house for sale after these current two close. I will definitely list with Wayne."

~ Darrell

So, don't wait anylonger, contact Wayne Paynter, to assist with all of your real estate needs.